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A V Piling offer a range of pile services suitable for both domestic or commercial projects. Please click on any of the headings to read more.

Driven Cased Piling

  • The advantages off driven case piling is it’s clean and less messy than SFA piling
  • The lightweight casing is very manageable
  • It comes in different sizes to suit different loads
  • Driven cased piles are normally used where the soils are soft
  • Using a internal drop hammer to drive the lightweight casing to a solid set
  • Then designed steel is placed into the casing and concreted

Open Bore Piling

  • Open bored piles are suited for cohesive soils such as clay chalk and sandy materials
  • Rotating augers are used to give you an open bore
  • Once the required designed depth has been achieved, a steel cage is lowered into the pile then filled with concrete.
  • We have to hand different sizes of open bore machines to suit the larger sites with good access and the mini ones for tight access sites like back gardens.

SFA Piling (Segmental Flight Augers)

  • SFA is mini grout piling used on smaller tighter sites where the soils are soft sandy water based clay or chalk
  • A hollow stem rotating auger is used to drill through the soft granular material to the designed depth then a grout mix is pumped down through the hollow stem augers filling the pile as the augers being extracted
  • Once all augers are out of the ground and all lose material have been removed from around the pile a steel cage is pushed into the wet grout to form a pile

CFA Piling (Continuous Flight Augers)

  • CFA piles have the same principle as SFA but uses concrete instead of grout
  • CFA rigs are larger and better suited to larger sites

Screw Piling

  • Screw Piling is a no mess no vibration system
  • Screw piles are screwed into the ground to the desired torque to achieve the pile working load
  • Engineered screw piles need no concrete or extra steel

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